Meet Our Team

    Patient Care Team

  • anniebarlesi

    Annie Barlesi

    Annie worked at UC Davis' ICU (advanced critical care and internal medicine) prior to…
  • JenC

    Jennifer Chun

    Jen was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her family moved to the bay area when she was 4 years…
  • jenniferrios

    Jennifer Rios

    Jen moved to the US from the Philippines over 20 years ago and has lived in the South Bay…
  • Jessica

    Jessica Beltran

    Jessica was born, raised and currently resides in San Jose with her husband and son. Her…
  • JustinJ

    Justin Jones

  • Kenzie

    McKenzie Richards

    McKenzie is a San Jose native. She previously worked at our doggy daycare facility until…
  • Mia

    Mia Conanan

    Mia was born and raised in San Jose and is currently attending Foothill College's…
  • Sadie3

    Sadie Garcia

    Sadie is a bay area native with a love of animals big and small. She is a certified…
  • vanessacarmody

    Vanessa Carmody

    Vanessa was born & raised in San Jose and has studied biology and health. She has been…

    Client Care Team

  • AmyT

    Amy Tordoff

    Amy is a California native, she grew up in Half Moon Bay and moved to San Jose in 2007.…
  • jaymiceland

    Jaymi Cleland


    A Campbell native, Jaymi graduated from San Diego State University where she met her…
  • Kathleen1

    Kathleen Clarke

    Kathleen was raised in Los Gatos, CA.  She started in the veterinary field in 1984 while…
  • Default Image

    Kelly Doyle

    Kelly is originally from Maine. She spent the last 16 years moving around Southern…
  • Laine

    Laine Gates


    Laine has lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over thirty years with her husband and…
  • photo

    Lindsey Mitchell

    Lindsey was raised in San Jose and currently resides in South San Jose with her…
  • Default Image

    Melanie Stokes

    Melanie is a new addition to the veterinary field, she joined in 2016, before joining the…
  • Becca

    Rebecca Gaytan

    Becca joined the LGDC family in 2014. She is native to San Jose and has been in the…
  • rsz_vicky_and_pups

    Vicky Rusconi

    Vicky has been passionate about animals since day one. She left the high tech world and…

    Doggie Daycare

  • Default Image

    Catherine Poupart

    Catherine is an aspiring dog trainer.  She was born and raised in the Bay Area. She has…
  • miknug

    Mikaela Mehrkens

    Mikaela was born and raised in San Jose. She has always loved dogs since an early age…
  • Default Image

    Owen Wyatt

    Owen is a recent addition to our doggy daycare staff. He is native to Northern California,…
  • rbpups

    Raeann Bevan

    Raeann was born and raised in the Bay Area. She's always had dogs in her life and a love…