Fear Free Felines!

Do you need help comforting your cat for veterinary visits?

There are many potentially stressful factors to a veterinary visit, such as pet carriers, car rides, waiting in the lobby, smelling other animals and the actual exam/procedure itself!

We are now offering a “Fear Free Cat Kit” this kit consists of three potentially helpful items that you can use to make trips to the vet much easier, and less stressful for your kitty:

Gabapentin: This is a prescription oral medication that has been shown to reduce fear and pain in cats, and allows for a smoother veterinary visit. A dose should be given the night before a vet visit, as well as 2 hours prior to the appointment.

Zylkene: This is an over the counter product that contains a natural product (derived from a protein found in milk) that helps to support your cat when feeling stressed. It comes in a capsule form and can be sprinkled on food or given whole.

Feliway Wipes: These are convenient, one time use handy wipes that mimic the feline facial pheromones, providing a calming effect on cats. DO NOT use the wipes directly on your cat. Wipe down the interior of the carrier, prior to placing your cat inside. This will provide additional comfort to your cat while traveling.

Helping to reduce or eliminate the fear and stress of the veterinary hospital will allow us to provide better medical care for your cat, and makes the visit easier for everyone!

Please request a kit in advance, as Gabapentin is a prescription and will need to be authorized by a doctor.


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For after hours emergency care contact United Veterinary Specialty & Emergency, they are centrally located in Campbell (408-371-6252) & San Jose (408-578-5622).